Way back in January, our wedding was far away in August; a solid six months to prepare.  Turns out, it flies by.  If I had a pound every time someone said ‘It’ll come round quickly..’ etc etc. Better if I could lose a pound!

Like many ‘brides to be’, I want to be in the best shape possible.  We’ve paid for someone to take our photos, I’m going to be in a few and they will be around for a while.

As an incentive to shave off a few pounds and improve my fitness, I signed up for a triathlon at the end of May.   Surely plenty of time to train?  So with that knowledge, I got on with riding my motorbike and planning for the wedding.  In that order with training featuring very low on the list.

A week before the tri, I had an email asking for my swim time.  It doubled as a reminder that I had signed up.  Needless to say, training had been minimal.

DSCN9210Controlled panic set in.  No slots at the bike shop to sort out my unpredictable gears.  Wetsuit hired for the season (for details of wetsuit hire) and other ‘essential’ items ordered from the net; a tri-belt for example. Great website for all sporting items.  Speedy and helpful service from both.

The week preceding an event, is generally a rest week.  With only a week to go I stuck rigorously to the training plan and put my feet up.

I completed the event; The Immortal Sprint Triathlon (900m open water swim, 32km bike and 8km run) but it wasn’t pretty.  Staff were waiting to pack up when I finally hobbled past the finish post.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being not much and 10 being loads), the anticipation of a tri rated about 1 as drive to shave off pounds, because I totally ignored it.  Now I have 8 weeks until the big day and am still the slightly rounded person I was in January.

I have signed up for another event, but this time because I want to do it.  This is the Bantham Swoosh.  A 6km swim with the outgoing tide and 499 other outdoor swimming enthusiasts.  My frugal side tells me I need to get use out of my newly acquired wetsuit, my adventurous side tells me it’ll be fun.

So regardless of the steep increase in swimming (not falling into the same tri-trap as last time), I am no closer to being camera ready.  The bottom line – 8 weeks to lose 2kg. Thankfully, not an impossible goal.