After the mix of glorious sunshine shine and rain over the last couple of weeks the allotment is lush and green. My onions are coming on a treat. But the weeds are blossoming too. So much so, that I have had an email from the allotment secretary gently asking how I am and whether I’d be sorting the weeds out sometime soon.  It’s a never ending battle. If I could eat weeds as well as the veg I’d be a prize winning allotment owner. 

The cucumber seedlings that i nurtured from seed and then planted outside have become a snack for the pigeons despite my best efforts to protect them. Happily,  the seedlings in the polytunnel are going from strength to strength. 

The garlic and tomatoes in the polytunnel are also doing well. 

Outside, the French beans are coming on. I cheated with these as bought from a garden centre rather than grew from seed. Husband said how much he liked French beans (news to me!) so I have obliged. 

The plants I am really looking forward to getting in the ground are the peppers. My lean to is packed with pots of jalapenos, capsicum, orientals. All from seed, all in vast quantity. While this is my first allotment season, I grew chillies in the garden last year and I know how they work. I’m enjoying the familiarity and I’m happy to have grown them from seed. I’ve grown more in case I can trade plants with other allotmenteers.

The mystery veg is coming on a treat and is the mystery cabbage (I think it’s cabbage). 

Bear (great big bearded truck driver from plot 80 something) helped me get some new potatoes in. I’ve named them Bears Spuds. The spud rows look like I know what I’m doing. 

So today.  After I have walked the hound and been out for a maiden voyage in my canoe this morning the allotment beckons. My small haven of weeds, mystery and happiness.