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May 2017

Mountain Art in Snowdonia

I love Snowdonia. Its beautifully wild. David Baily standard photos whichever direction I point my camera in. 

Yesterday was the 11th time I walked up Snowdon, something I’m very proud of. Each time I walk it, the scenery still catches my breath.

With the landscape so painted and photographed for its beauty, it was a surprise to find the two pieces of art near the top of the Pyg Track. 

Walkers have been leaving coins wedged in two fence posts for the last five years, possibly longer. One post fell over a couple of years ago and Snowdonia National Park did a straw poll asking if it should be re-set.  77% of responses said ‘yes’. 

The result is an evolving art installation that enhances the landscape, unique to the Pyg Track. Like prayer flags in Nepal.


Does the dog like camping?

Possibly not. 

Bear Spud Update

Bears Spuds are coming up!

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