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The Pannier Pantry Part 1: Camp Cooking Equipment

So cooking under canvas seems like a good idea?

Not much beats the smell of food being cooked outdoors.  It’s great to stir a culinary creation while sipping a beer on a warm evening, and it’s equally satisfying to pile on all your spare clothes and scoff a warming meal when it’s cooler.

Pannier Pantry - Hardware

However, there’s nothing more frustrating to find that you have shopped and squeezed your carefully chosen ingredients into every nook and cranny (in jacket pockets, down front of jacket, under elastic net etc) to get back to camp and realise that you don’t have a knife to chop up your onions.

If you’re thinking of testing out some camp cooking, here’s a list of items I find really useful.  Anything else, you can fudge with a bit or resourcefulness from the things you have.  I’m sure that not all the items are useful to everyone.  For example, my husband / motorcycle buddy really can’t see the point of a grater, but I carry and it’s handy. But then he can’t see the point in carrying a hairdryer either, so it shows what he knows!


  • Plates (can double as Frisbees).
  • Cutlery – a Spork is handy.
  • Mugs – use for tea, coffee, beer, cereal and soup. Know how much liquid your mug takes so it can double as a measure. (My standard tin mug measures ¾ pint).
  • Stove and spare gas canister.
  • Cooking pans.
  • Lighter.  Handy in case stove ignition fails / doesn’t have one.  Doubles as a bottle opener.
  • Sharp knife with a blade protector.
  • Wooden spoon.
  • Chopping board (plastic and flexible so it’s light and can fit around other items).
  • A flat surface for use as a table (a hard pannier is useful).
  • Sandwich bags – take up less space than a lunch box and can be placed in a pan for protection.

Packed Pannier Pantry

Luxury extras

  • Jetboil– a very effective kettle useful for for boiling water in a flash and speeds up cooking or rustling up a quick coffee.
  • Collapsible grater – for grated cheese, slicing veggies etc

Adjust as required!

I’ll do a follow up post for the food section of the Pannier Pantry, then a couple of recipes.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll find the list below a useful starting point.


Camp cooking

I have my best night’s sleep under canvas, away from the distractions of the TV.  But all to often once the tent is up, stomachs rumble and a pub meal calls.

So whilst camping itself is a relatively inexpensive way to spend a night, the cost of eating out can change the holiday from cheap to very expensive.  And, what should be outdoor time becomes indoor time.

The bikes are unpacked and the tent is up.  Cracking open a beer and preparing grub feels like home.

Recipes adapted for the camp to follow.



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